What are GUImagnets?

GUImagnets are small flexible magnets with GUI-elements on them. Use them for collaborative brainstorming on whiteboards and easily drag and drop different magnets to find the best interface prototype.

Can I write on the GUImagnets?

Yes you can! The magnets are laminated with a whiteboard-like-material, so you are able to write and wipe on it with a Sharpie® or other white-board markers.

Are there other sets available?

Unfortunatly not... yet! Look at this Form-set as a try-out, we've got a limited stock of formsets and when we sell enough, there will be more sets and different elements available.

After gathering your feedback, we've came up with a bunch of cool sets to design and produce a.s.a.p. So, what are you waiting for?

Who is behind GUImagnets?

Rik Schot, UX-Designer at Eight Media. He came up with the concept when working on a form, designing a website.

Your kids will love em'

Buy a set or two for all those junior UX-designers out there! Have fun playing going nuts on the fridge with these cool gadgets!